Universal Kitchen Wrap Dispenser

How to use a Wrapmaster® Home dispenser

Watch our video to find out how to use the Wrapmaster® Home dispenser for hassle-free dispensing of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper and baking paper.

The Wrapmaster® Home, universal kitchen wrap dispenser, has a unique roller system that is designed to keep any kitchen wrap in place ready for the next use. The Wrapmaster® Home cuts with a single press for hassle-free dispensing of any kitchen wrap; no more fighting to find the end of the roll or tangled and wasted wrap.

The dispenser comes with adaptors that fit most 12in / 30cm wide national and store-brand food wraps that have a cardboard or plastic core with a length up to 250 feet.

Wrapmaster® Home is easy to clean and sanitize, has a concealed, high-quality, stainless steel blade for safe cutting and can be disinfected by placing the dispenser in the dishwasher.