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Alfresco Made Easy!

8th June 2023

With summer arriving, BBQ season is upon us, and with your Wrapmaster® Home, you can keep your food fresh with ease, even with the heat! Here are our top tips to help make sure your outdoor gathering runs smoothly. 1. Prep ahead of time To save rushing around when you should be relaxing with guests prep as much food ahead of time. You can use your Wrapmaster® Home to cover …

The Benefits of your Wrapmaster® Home

The Benefits of your Wrapmaster® Home

27th March 2023

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen gadget that’s going to make life easier and save you time, then look no further. The Wrapmaster® Home dispenser is the one for you. Our dispensers are designed for your kitchen, with you in mind. There are a whole bunch of reasons why you should consider adding the Wrapmaster® Home to your kitchen drawers, and here are just some of them: …

6 Household Hacks You Need to Know Using Aluminum Foil

28th February 2023

There’s nothing more satisfying than learning a hack that could save you time and money. Especially, when it uses a household item that you have at home already! We’ve gathered six of our favorite, quick and nifty tips using aluminum foil. To get started, pull out your trusty Wrapmaster® Home and cut a sheet of foil – you are going to love these hacks! 1. Sharpen Scissors First up – …

The Perfect Gift Wrapped Up

The Perfect Gift Wrapped Up

16th February 2023

Finding the perfect gift can be tough, but don’t worry! Wrapmaster® Home is the affordable present for every occasion and person. Whether you’re searching for a birthday gift, something for your boss, Mother’s Day or just to say thank you, Wrapmaster® Home has your back! Our dispensers are the must have kitchen gadget, replacing cardboard cutter boxes that are flimsy and annoying, and no matter who you’re buying for, there’s …

Veganuary – Top Plant-Based Ideas for January and beyond!

9th January 2023

January is here and so is Veganuary! It’s the month where we get adventurous with our plant-based ingredients and cook more planet friendly meals. Whether you’re giving it a go for health reasons or want to avoid meat after the festivities of December, Veganuary is a fantastic opportunity to introduce more fruit and vegetables into your diet while having fun in the kitchen! Here are our top tips: 1. Rainbow …

How to Utilize your Wrapmaster Home in the Festive Season

10th December 2022

So, great news, your Wrapmaster® Home has arrived in time for Christmas! There are a whole host of benefits to having this fantastic dispenser in your life and in your kitchen, but if you’re wondering where to start and how to make the most of it this festive season, then look no further. We’ve got the guide for you. 1. Hold one, hold all To get you started, the Wrapmaster® …

The Perfect Gift for Christmas

25th November 2022

With Christmas just around the corner, attention turns to two things in particular – food and gifts for loved ones. We want to give presents that people love, without cluttering homes and make life that little bit better. The festive season also brings with it copious opportunities for dinner parties, drinks and canapes, games nights and catching up with old friends, and nothing comes more hand in hand than good …

Wrapmaster® Home The Ultimate Wrap System Launches for in-Home Use

The Ultimate Wrap System Launches

4th February 2022

Ditch the daily hassle of old school cardboard cutter boxes and bring happiness to your kitchen with this cool kitchen helper!