Universal Kitchen Wrap Dispenser

About Us

The Wrapmaster® Home, universal kitchen wrap dispenser, designed by Cofresco Foodservice is the home consumer dispenser option from Wrapmaster®, the leading brand of professional chef dispensers which have been trusted by chefs for more than 25 years in over 36 countries. Wrapmaster® Home has been designed and engineered to the highest standards; it brings the professional chef quality of Wrapmaster® to the home user.

Wrapmaster® Home has a unique roller system that is designed to keep any food wrap in place ready for the next use. It cuts with a single press for hassle-free dispensing of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, and baking paper. When not in use, the Wrapmaster® Home is easy to store in most kitchen drawers providing protection for the wrap inside the dispenser.

Wrapmaster® Home comes with adaptors that fit most 12in / 30cm wide national and store-brand food wraps that have a carboard or plastic core with a length of up to 250 feet. Wrapmaster® Home is a simple solution that removes the frustration of trying to find the end of kitchen wrap and prevents the waste of tangled wrap.

Cofresco Foodservice, a division of Melitta USA, Inc., are brand owners of Wrapmaster® Home and the Wrapmaster® professional series of dispensers. Cofresco Foodservice is owned by Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary company of Melitta GmbH Group.

Melitta USA, Inc. are based in Clearwater, Florida.

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