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Wrap Hacks

Wrap Hacks

4th June 2024

We all know how helpful plastic wrap, aluminum foil and baking paper are in the kitchen, but did you know these everyday items can do so much more for us? Here are a few handy tips to get the most out of your wraps that aren’t so obvious!

1. Sealing Containers

If you’re storing liquid ingredients, using plastic wrap can help prevent unwanted spillages – even with a lid! By covering a container with wrap before screwing the cap back on, you can help make sure your jar or container has an airtight seal and won’t spill!

2. Chef Hack for lining tins

We know that lining baking trays can be difficult! Why not give this tried-and-tested chef hack a go next time?

Measure out your baking paper (you can use your Wrapmaster® Home to help) and then scrunch it up tightly! When you unravel your wrap, it will be more flexible and easier to work with. You’ll never go back.

3. Plastic wrap as a cleaner!

If your oven door is in desperate need of a clean – there’s no need to fret! We have a handy cleaning tip for you.

You can spray your oven cleaner (or cleaner-equivalent) on the door, and then wrap the door in plastic wrap! Leave it for a few hours to soak and absorb. When you come back, unravel the wrap and wash off your cleaner. You’ll find it won’t use half as much elbow grease as before! Why not give it a go?

4. Cake Decorating

Cake decorations can be fiddly, and delicate. If you’re using chocolate or buttercream to decorate your baked goods, we know you’ll love this hack.

Pipe out your decoration or pattern onto some baking paper, and place in the freezer until set.

Once done, take your baking paper and press the iced side against your cake to transfer the pattern!

(Extra tip: you can also use your baking paper as tracing paper to make sure your decorations are picture perfect.)

5. Separating food

Do you store bread in the freezer and take out slices as and when you need it? If the answer is yes, do you also find that your slices stick together, making it impossible to prize them apart?

We know just what will help!

Before storing bread in your freezer, why not separate your slices with baking paper? It will make it easier to pull out just what you need, and will stop bread breaking in half whilst frozen. It even works for wraps!

6. Aluminum Foil

You can find more hacks, and clever ways to use aluminum foil on another of our blogs here!

If you use a lot of wraps in your household, pick up our handy Wrapmaster® Home dispenser to help you in your everyday routine!

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