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Food Trends - 2024

Food Trends – 2024

9th May 2024

With summer quickly approaching, we’ve been looking at the viral foodie trends filling our socials that would be perfect for al fresco dining – from picnics, to tailgate parties or even BBQs.

1. Chopped Bagel

Bagels have never been more popular. You don’t have to search very hard for a classic ‘Everything’ bagel with cream cheese, but why not take your fillings to a new level?

By finely chopping all your bagel additions, you guarantee the perfect bite, full of flavor every time.

Our top choices? Smoked salmon with dill and cream cheese! Or, for a sweet option, try a cinnamon and raisin bagel with fruit and chocolate spread.

If you’re taking them on a picnic, use baking paper or aluminum foil to wrap tightly and stop the fillings from falling out.

2. Chopped Salad

Whether you’re a fan of the Green Goddess, or Jennifer Anniston’s Quinoa salad she allegedly ate every day on the Friends set, we know you’ll love this trend!

Much like the chopped bagel, the chopped salad ensures flavorful mouthfuls every time. By finely dicing all your fillings and giving it a huge toss, you won’t be stuck with greens at the end!

Top tip: experiment with fresh herbs for a real burst of flavor.

3. Crookie

A combination of two of our favorite things, a cookie and a croissant, for the perfect sweet treat. Making them yourself? We recommend you line a baking tray so none of your dough sticks!

4. Smashed Potato Salad

We don’t know about you, but we love a roasted potato and Potato Salad is a #MUST at our summer picnics. Why not combine the two this summer and make your own smashed potato salad? The perfect balance of creamy and crispy, we’re certain this will be in demand for future gatherings to come!

5. Candy Salad

This latest trend has taken social media by storm. Whether you prefer a skittle over a sour patch kid, or Wiley Wallaby over Swedish Fish, there’s something for everyone with this trend. Better yet?

You don’t have to cook anything to participate! Simply buy your favorite candies, tip them into a bowl and mix it up!

6. Loaded Tater Tots

You’ve heard of loaded fries, but how do you feel about loaded tater tots? All the same benefits, but now in bite-sized pieces!

7. Bark

The chocolate/yogurt/date bark trend is a great DIY foodie trend. Super easy to make, there’s no limit to the flavor combinations you can create.

This summer, why not make the most of seasonal fruit and berries? Or, experiment with texture and add crunchy peanut butter.

If you’re heading out to a picnic or BBQ and try one of our top foodie trends, tag us in your creations on social media @WrapmasterHome!

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