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Easter Baking All Wrapped Up

Easter Baking All Wrapped Up

26th March 2024

Did you know that after Halloween, Easter is the holiday where the most candy is consumed? That means it is the perfect occasion to try your hand at some Easter baking and celebrate with some sweet treats!

With that in mind, we’ve selected some of our favorite Easter goodies that we think you should try!

1. Hot Cross Buns

A classic Easter treat, Hot Cross Buns are super versatile and can be enjoyed whether toasted for breakfast, or buttered and doughy for a mid-afternoon snack!

They can be quite sticky, so if you’re baking them from scratch, we recommend lining your baking sheets with baking paper.
Not only will it make your trays easier to clean, but it may also help prevent scratch marks caused by tough scrubbing.

2. Easter Cookies

Easter cookies are a fun, family-friendly bake for everyone to enjoy – both making them and eating! Whether you have cookie cutters in egg, rabbit or lamb shapes, or will be bringing your best decorating skills to the table, we’re sure they’ll be a hit!

Think pastel pinks, blues and yellows to stay on trend this year.

To help prevent any breakages, line your baking trays with baking paper to make it easier to transfer your cookies onto a cooling wire.

3. Celebration Cakes

When hosting a celebration, nothing will get your guests talking like a showstopping cake.

If you make your sponge bases ahead of time, make sure to wrap them in plastic wrap to keep them fresh. It’s never been easier than with the Wrapmaster® Home, as you can easily pull and cut any wrap without hassle, and without risk of injury.

4. Easter Baskets

An Easter basket makes a great holiday gift, and there’s no limit to what you can include! Why not try a selection of homemade goodies – from cookies, chutneys and jams, or even fresh flowers.

Keep any homemade food fresh by tightly wrapping it before placing it into your baskets.

However you’re celebrating this Easter, invest in a Wrapmaster® Home to make your lining and wrapping needs easier.

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