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Wrapmaster® Ho… Ho… Home

Wrapmaster® Ho… Ho… Home

11th December 2023

If you’re looking for the perfect, thoughtful Christmas gift for friends or family this season, stop what you’re doing!! We’ve collated all the reasons why a Wrapmaster® Home is the must-have gift to give this year.

1. Safe to Use

Our Wrapmaster® Home dispensers have a concealed blade for both safe, and speedy cutting. So, if you’re gifting our dispenser to someone who you know is accident-prone, or likes to enlist the help of their kids when cooking, you can find peace of mind knowing that our dispensers have a robust, shatter-proof casing to protect wrap – and fingers!

2. Give the Gift of Kitchen Efficiency

Dishwasher safe, and easily sanitized, our Wrapmaster® Home dispensers are effortlessly easy to clean. Give the gift of kitchen efficiency this Christmas, by giving your friends one less thing to worry about when it comes to cleaning up. Gone are the struggles of endless Tupperware! Wrap dishes easily before storing, and tuck the dispenser away in a drawer, to be greeted with clear, organized surfaces.

3. It Comes in Multiple Colors

With 5 colors to choose from, including a vibrant red or bold teal, there’s a color to suit any kitchen. Opt for black or white tones to blend in, or red, navy or teal to stand out. Can’t pick? Don’t worry – neither can we! We like them all equally.

4. Helps Cut Down on Food and Wrap Waste

As households aim to be more sustainable, help your friends and family cut down on their wrap waste with the Wrapmaster® Home this holiday season.

With rubber feet to keep the dispenser stabilized, it’s easy to measure out just what you need.

Better yet – by being able to tightly wrap leftovers up – they can even cut down on their food waste too!

5. A Must-Have Kitchen Helper

If you have a friend who spends all their free time in the kitchen, and thinks of themselves as the next head chef, baker, or grill-master, they’re bound to be impressed with a new handy kitchen gadget!

Our Professional Wrapmaster® Dispensers are chef approved – and with their help, we’ve designed our Wrapmaster® Home dispensers to offer the same features and benefits.

6. We Have a Sale On!

If you’re buying one for a friend, why not pick up one for yourself too? Save 10% when you buy in multiples of two straight from our website. T&Cs apply, but you can find out more on our e-shop.

What are you waiting for? Head to our e-shop now!

And Merry Christmas from all of us at Wrapmaster® Home!