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I’m Thankful for… My Wrapmaster® Home!

I’m Thankful for… My Wrapmaster® Home!

10th November 2023

The countdown has begun to one of the best days of the year – Thanksgiving. And if you’re hosting, assisting a host or even attending #Friendsgiving, we’ve collated some handy tips to take the stress off!

Prep ahead of time
Prep comes in many different ways – cleaning out the refrigerator ahead of a new grocery shop, pre-cooking food that will keep or making a festive cocktail to serve guests and keep them out of the kitchen, and out of your way!

For pre-prepped food, use the Wrapmaster® Home to accurately measure how much plastic wrap you’ll need to cover dishes.

Know your turkey
We like to wrap our seasoned turkey in aluminum foil before cooking in the oven. This helps lock in all the flavours. If you want to brown the crown before serving, remove the foil for the last section of cooking.

Line trays with baking paper to reduce mess
There’s nothing worse than being in a food coma and having to clean dishes. Why not try lining your baking trays in baking paper or aluminum foil before use to stop food sticking?

Keep food warm before serving by covering in foil
Who has an oven big enough for the turkey AND all the sides? We don’t. No need to worry! Aluminum foil is great for keeping food hot before serving, so if you’re still cooking up a storm in the kitchen, have your ready-to-eat dishes out of the way.

Keeping leftovers fresh
It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a mound of mash potato, so don’t worry if it doesn’t all get eaten. Cover leftovers with plastic wrap in the fridge to eat over the coming days (or as a midnight snack – we won’t judge!)

Keeping surfaces tidy
With so many people coming and going over the holiday, we know it’s stressful keeping things clean.

But if there’s one thing that won’t get in your way, it’s the Wrapmaster® Home. It’s the perfect size to fit in kitchen cupboards or drawers, once used, it’s easily hidden away to make space.

Whatever your plans are this Thanksgiving, invest in the Wrapmaster® Home to make your life easier.

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