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Pass the Wrap! It’s Football Season!

Pass the Wrap! It’s Football Season!

12th September 2023

For many, and certainly the team here at Wrapmaster® Home HQ, NFL season is a highlight of the year.

Not only is it the thrill of watching your favorite teams thrive, but it’s also the best excuse for families and friends to get together, show some team spirit and enjoy a feast!

So, whether you’re preparing for an early start, breakfast on the go, baking in bulk, or whipping up your famous chilli for the masses, be sure to have your Wrapmaster® Home within grabbing distance to assist in all your wrapping needs as you get ready for the year’s hottest tailgate occasion.

Ensure your dishes are a touchdown with these top tips:

With the help of a Wrapmaster® Home, you can cut the exact amount of aluminum foil you need to wrap your grilled cheese and breakfast burritos, so they stay warm and tightly packed. Transportation to the tailgate becomes a breeze when your dishes are safely wrapped!

Plastic Wrap:
Keep your pasta bakes and salads fresh by covering your trays with plastic wrap. The Wrapmaster® Home fits most store-bought plastic wrap and holds the roll safely in place so there’s no unnecessary tangled wrap – the process is super easy so it’s one less thing to worry about!

Baking Paper:
If you’ve baked cookies and want to keep those gooey centers safe – lay out a sheet of baking paper in between each tasty treat to stop them from sticking together. That’s right – Wrapmaster® Home can hold aluminum foil, plastic wrap OR baking paper!

How will you be supporting your team during NFL season? And more importantly, what are you bringing to the tailgate party?

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