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Celebrating Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day

3rd July 2023

With our biggest holiday right around the corner, it’s time to get your thinking caps on for the Fourth of July! How will you be celebrating?

Whether it’s a picnic with family, a BBQ in the yard, or a tailgate party round the block, this holiday is a great time of year to dust off the chef’s apron and try your hand in the kitchen, and with the Wrapmaster® Home it’s never been easier to keep food fresh, and the kitchen clean!

We’ve got some ideas to get you even more excited for this holiday!

Why not try and bake the American flag in cake form? Use food coloring to get a bright blue and vibrant red sponge! When it comes to baking, don’t waste time cutting out baking paper. With the Wrapmaster® Home, easily line your tins with baking paper before adding in the cake mix – this will make transferring the cake to a cooling rack easier too!

As it’s the height of summer, we sure hope it’s sunny enough to eat outside! If you’re in charge of the grill, don’t stress about food going cold. The Wrapmaster® Home makes it easy to cut aluminum foil with one single press, so you can cover burgers, hot dogs, or fried chicken quickly until dinner is served!

Eat your colors! If you’re matching your table to the flag this holiday, why not offer a berry pavlova – bound to impress those with a sweet-tooth! Keep your strawberries and blueberries fresh in the refrigerator by covering them with plastic wrap ahead of assembling! (Bonus points for those who can design the flag with berries!)

We don’t know about you – but it’s not a holiday celebration without S’mores! Prep ahead of time by soaking your cocktail sticks and piercing the marshmallows. Cover with your wrap of choice to keep them fresh – and away from sticky fingers – ahead of the main event!

Enjoy your fresh and tasty treats whilst you watch the fireworks this Independence Day!

With our Wrapmaster® Home dispensers available in red, white and blue, your handy kitchen gadget will stay on theme this holiday! What are you waiting for? Head to our e-shop now!