Universal Kitchen Wrap Dispenser

Alfresco Made Easy!

8th June 2023

With summer arriving, BBQ season is upon us, and with your Wrapmaster® Home, you can keep your food fresh with ease, even with the heat!

Here are our top tips to help make sure your outdoor gathering runs smoothly.

1. Prep ahead of time

To save rushing around when you should be relaxing with guests prep as much food ahead of time. You can use your Wrapmaster® Home to cover any raw meats, slaws, or salads easily with plastic wrap.

2. No room, no problem!

Not enough room on the grill? Don’t worry, pre-cook your food and keep it warm ahead of serving by tightly wrapping any platters with foil. This will help manage your BBQ – and cuts the chance of overcooking those burgers! With Wrapmaster® Home’s hidden blade it will cut wrap in a single press, so you won’t be wasting time fighting the end of the roll.

Don’t forget, our Wrapmaster® dispensers are sleek and compact, making this kitchen helper easily portable for moving around the kitchen, or outdoors for BBQs or tailgate parties.

3. Keep bugs at bay!

By using plastic wrap, your food stays fresh, and stops any bugs from sitting on the food. It also means your visitors can see what’s on offer!

4. Keep vegetables fresh in the heat

Covering your fruit and vegetables with plastic-wrap in the refrigerator will not only keep them fresh but stop them from absorbing other flavors too! You’ll even help reduce your food-wastage!

5. Minimise your washing up

Baking anything in the oven? Reduce your time spent cleaning by lining any trays with baking paper. Roasted vegetables make a tasty and healthy addition alongside a fresh salad, plus they will bring color to your summer table!

Don’t forget, the Wrapmaster® Home is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning and disinfecting!

Your Wrapmaster® Home is on hand to help you wrap, bake and store your way through summer and beyond. In a range of colors, there’s something for everyone’s tastes, so what are you waiting for, head to our e-shop today!