Universal Kitchen Wrap Dispenser

The Benefits of your Wrapmaster® Home

The Benefits of your Wrapmaster® Home

27th March 2023

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen gadget that’s going to make life easier and save you time, then look no further. The Wrapmaster® Home dispenser is the one for you. Our dispensers are designed for your kitchen, with you in mind.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why you should consider adding the Wrapmaster® Home to your kitchen drawers, and here are just some of them:

1. Safe to use
The Wrapmaster® Home was designed with families in mind. With rubber feet to keep it stable, and a concealed high-quality stainless-steel blade, so there’s no risk of little hands getting nasty cuts or sores from our dispensers.

2. Easy to fill
Refilling your dispenser couldn’t be easier so be sure to stock up on kitchen wrap when you head to the grocery store. For a handy guide on refilling your dispenser, watch our video here.

3. 5 colors to suit every style
Take your pick from five stylish colors, including white, black, red, navy and teal. Whether you want your dispenser to match your countertops or stand out – we have one for you.

4. Easy to store
The streamlined design allows you to store your new dispenser in your kitchen drawers or in cabinets with ease. At just 30cm wide, you’ll have no trouble finding a home for your new favorite gadget.

5. Fill with any store-bought wrap
The Wrapmaster® Home will house most kitchen wraps that are 12in/30cm wide with a cardboard or plastic core and a length of up to 250 feet, with help from the handy adaptors. Choose from plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper or baking paper and you’re good to go!

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