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6 Household Hacks You Need to Know Using Aluminum Foil

28th February 2023

There’s nothing more satisfying than learning a hack that could save you time and money. Especially, when it uses a household item that you have at home already!

We’ve gathered six of our favorite, quick and nifty tips using aluminum foil. To get started, pull out your trusty Wrapmaster® Home and cut a sheet of foil – you are going to love these hacks!

1. Sharpen Scissors
First up – did you know you can use aluminum foil to sharpen dull and lifeless scissors? Fold your foil sheet in half four times, and simply cut strips of it with your scissors (think foil strips for hair dye). You’ll gradually start to see a difference as the cuts get finer and more precise – leaving you with scissors that are just like new.

2. Remove Water Marks from Stainless Steel
Take a piece of foil and scrunch into a ball. Then, simply rub the stubborn water marks off your stainless-steel faucets and wash down – they’ll look sparkly and new in no time!

3. Get Burnt Edges off Dishes
Not just for water marks, use the rough edges of a foil ball to scrub at burnt-on food. Whether it be a casserole dish or a baking tray, foil will cut through the dirt.

4. Keep Bugs Away from your Veg
Mixing strips of aluminum foil in with your compost is a quick and easy way to keep hungry insects away from your crops!

5. Use Foil to Incubate Seeds
While we’re showing our green thumbs, foil can also help give seeds a head start. Line a shoebox with foil and carefully poke holes through the bottom of the box, going through the foil as well. Fill with soil and plant your seeds. The foil will absorb heat and help the seeds to germinate!

6. Keep Paintbrushes Fresh
When decorating, cleaning brushes can be a tedious task. To cut the cleaning time when painting over several days, wrap your brush tightly with foil (or plastic wrap – which you can also store in your Wrapmaster® Home) overnight and continue using the next day!

If you have any nifty tricks to share, we’d love to hear them! Head over to our Instagram or Facebook and drop us a comment!

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Thank you, Smart Fox on YouTube for tips 1-3 and Reader’s Digest for tips 4-6!