Universal Kitchen Wrap Dispenser

How to Utilize your Wrapmaster Home in the Festive Season

10th December 2022

So, great news, your Wrapmaster® Home has arrived in time for Christmas!

There are a whole host of benefits to having this fantastic dispenser in your life and in your kitchen, but if you’re wondering where to start and how to make the most of it this festive season, then look no further. We’ve got the guide for you.

1. Hold one, hold all
To get you started, the Wrapmaster® Home dispenser can hold one of any store-bought wraps at any time – whether it’s plastic wrap, aluminium foil, baking paper or wax paper. Having a dispenser as versatile as this helps keeps your counters and drawers clear and eliminates the need for untidy (and unhygienic) cardboard cutter boxes. Make sure your dispenser is loaded with your most used wrap to make your baking or cooking session as easy as possible.

2. Roast that turkey
No matter what you’re roasting for your Christmas feast, whether it be turkey, ham or a vegetarian bake, we almost guarantee that you’ll need to line your trays first with foil. Pull and cut the exact amount you need with Wrapmaster® Home’s easy one-press dispensing method.

3. Christmas Cookies
What’s Christmas without cookies? From gingerbread men and sugar cookies to chocolate chip for Santa, the key to a clean and even cookie base is ensuring your tray is lined with baking paper so you can lift those cookies off with ease once the oven timer pings. Make sure you’re stocked up this season, both for the family to enjoy and for Santa on Christmas Eve.

4. Truffle Moulds
We’ve got a handy tip for those of you making chocolate truffles for the festivities. While the gooey, chocolatey ganache is an absolute taste sensation, it’s an incredibly messy affair. Just add a dollop of ganache to a sheet of plastic wrap and roll into a perfect ball, without getting your hands covered in chocolate. (A super tip for when the kitchen is busy and you’ve got a dozen other things to prepare and there’s no time for rinsing hands in between!)

5. Meal Prep
Cooking for Christmas all comes down to timing and ensuring everything is ready to serve at the same time. Cut some of the hassle by preparing dishes ahead of time and covering with some plastic wrap (cut to size with your new Wrapmaster® Home) and store in the fridge to maintain a fresh and tasty dish, ready for either cooking or serving.

So, there you have it. Five ways (of many) that your Wrapmaster® Home will save your bacon this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

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