Universal Kitchen Wrap Dispenser

The Perfect Gift for Christmas

25th November 2022

With Christmas just around the corner, attention turns to two things in particular – food and gifts for loved ones.

We want to give presents that people love, without cluttering homes and make life that little bit better. The festive season also brings with it copious opportunities for dinner parties, drinks and canapes, games nights and catching up with old friends, and nothing comes more hand in hand than good food!

As the must-have companion in the kitchen, Wrapmaster® Home makes cooking and baking tasks a breeze. The trusty and reliable gadget can hold any store-bought plastic wrap, aluminium foil, baking paper or wax paper and with its concealed blade, will cut in one swift and easy motion. Plus, the one-press cut means that you’re able to pull out what’s needed, eliminate the constant struggle of tangled wrap, and reduce waste – it’s a win-win. As a host, it’s everything you’d want in a kitchen gadget to make your festive events as smooth as can be (at least on the wrap front!)

If you’re looking to buy for your friend – the keen home-baker, BBQ fanatic, wannabe chef or serious prepper – the Wrapmaster® Home has you covered here too and would make the perfect gift this festive season.

Available in five stylish and chic colors, there’s a Wrapmaster® Home for every kitchen and to suit every style. The sleek dispenser benefits from rubber feet for added stability and is easily stored in a kitchen drawer or cupboard ensuring a tidy finish.

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